Intelligent Protect

5-star protection for your windows, frames and surfaces. 

Suitable for application onto aluminium, glass, uPVC, concrete and steel. Not for wood. 

Intelligent Protect is a spray-applied, peelable film with high weather resistance for the temporary protection of windows and surfaces. 

Simply remove at the end of construction works as a recyclable plastic film. 

Why Choose Intelligent Protect


Give your windows and surfaces up to 18 months of protection externally and up to 24 months internally


This is an extremely tough spray-applied product that dries to form a flexible yet robust membrane. Intelligent Protect fully covers and seals your target for protection against rough and unforgiving render, plaster, cement, paint, dust, grout, wood and metal shavings, mud and flying debris from grinding metal and brickwork


Once the construction phase has passed and you're ready to remove, simply start from one corner and peel the product away, leaving no marks or sticky residue


Intelligent Protect is developed for use both internally and externally, giving you all-round protection


Once applied to the external side of the window or substrate, Intelligent Protect is simply unfazed by any weather condition for up to 18 months, giving you protection and UV resistance


Save money on labour and damage costs by eliminating the risk of scratches, damaged glass, frames, steel services or valuable surfaces

How to install

A closer look on how to install Intelligent Protect
the lowdown!

Why use us? Protection when needed most


Intelligent Protect is a water-based, ready-to-use liquid based on state-of-the-art polymer technology. This liquid is spray applied and quickly dries to a peelable, light, transparent colourless film. This film protects windows and concrete surfaces against damages and pollutions that occur during construction works. Intelligent Protect protection film can stay on the protected surface for up to 18 months. When construction works are finished, the protective film is easily removed and does not leave any residue. Suitable for inside and outside use.


  • Complete and effective protection against damages and pollutions caused by plastering works, sprayed insulation foam, sparks of grinding discs and concrete casting
  • Fast application with airless spray devices
  • Solvent-free
  • For inside and outside protection
  • Does not detach due to wind
  • Applies on surfaces where tape can hardly adhere
  • Suitable for aluminium, glass, uPVC, concrete and steel
  • All your temporary protection needs in one tub! 

Using Intelligent Protect with doors and windows slightly open allows you to open and close these doors during construction works without detaching the film. 

Intelligent Protect is unlike any other form of temporary protection. As a spray-applied, water-based, VOC-free polymer, Intelligent Protect offers a complete seal to any substrate that dries itself into an extremely tough polymer membrane. 

UV and weather-resistant, Intelligent Protect is for internal and external use that can last up to 18 months, protecting your surfaces throughout the construction phase. 

Apply to windows, doors, bathtubs, shower trays, glass sliding shower doors, tiles, worktops and steelworks.

Let Intelligent Protect eliminate the stress of protecting your valuables throughout the construction phase. Simple apply and peel away after use.

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Here at Intelligent Membranes we are always looking for charities and foundations to support. Particularly this year, charities and foundations are among those truly impacted by the lack of funding. This is why we have created the Phuck Off Cancer version of our ‘Phuck Off’ product range and will be donating 100% of the profits from every tub sold! Please take a photo of your ‘Pink Ribbon’ face mask for social media and #Pinkribbonfoundation and #intelligentcommunity.

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