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Delivering an Eco Building Vision

As founding stories go, Intelligent Membranes fits the customary mould: hard work, passion and perseverance have equalled powerful results. Not just profitable results but world-changing, environmentally beneficial results.

Founded and operated by brothers Adam and Alex White, Intelligent Membranes was developed to solve problems they faced as eco-conscious builders. Timber and framing through their business White Haus could solve part of the problem – reducing energy costs and consumption requirements – but airtight solutions had to be better, had to be able to be applied faster and needed to truly stack up to reduce energy requirements, saving money and carbon footprint.

Today, Intelligent Membranes are world-leading liquid membrane suppliers and installers. Their products, Passive Purple, Passive Purple External and Intelligent Windows, are Passivhaus certified. A builder’s best friend, must-have-on-site-support to reach peak airtightness.

meet the founders

Adam White CEO Intelligent Membranes


CEO & Founder

Owner, Creator and Passivhaus Consultant at Intelligent Membranes, Adam White lives and breathes Passivhaus building standards. 

Through his suite of companies, Intelligent Membranes included, he is driving environmentally forward-thinking initiatives into the building sector.

Alex White MD Intelligent Membranes


MD & Founder

Managing Director and Expert Airtightness Installer at Intelligent Membranes, Alex White, cut his teeth in the construction sector, developing environmentally friendly framing to support builders in their eco goals. Hands-on and passionate about airtightness, Alex is a master installer, working with builders to bring their projects to life.


Passive Purple, created by Adam White, is now the world’s most airtight intelligent liquid vapour control membrane. It can reach 0.03ach on any substrate it’s adhered to and is BBA approved, and Passivhaus certified. On the exterior, Passive Purple External is a UV protection and weatherproof membrane with a fire classification of B-s1 and is LABC approved.


Strengthening their goal of working towards a net-zero emissions future, Adam and Alex introduced Intelligent Windows to their Passivhaus certified product range. Expertly led by Alex White, Intelligent Windows are triple glazed, secure by design, come in any RAL colour and work to keep energy moving inside to optimise internal heating and cooling.

why CHOOSE Intelligent Membranes?

Adam and Alex are everyday blokes from building backgrounds, passionate about the environment and using their craft to benefit the world. They have lofty global goals matched with earthy values.

Intelligent Membranes want to lift up other builders, construction workers and decision-makers to adopt practices and products that will benefit the environment and the quality of their work. The Intelligent Membranes team are hands-on, consultative and ready to guide builders, both new to Passivhaus and experts in their own right, toward a net-zero emissions future.

Contact Adam, Alex and the team today to learn how Intelligent Membranes can support your next project.

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