Intelligent Solutions for professionals

We supply VOC FREE water based Intelligent Membranes , delivered  world wide with 24/7 technical advice back up  


Our products have been put through the strictest tests including our BBA APPROVED Passive Purple


We provide 24/7 technical support and have in house Passivhaus Consultants


Environment safe

Our Products are VOC free and water based so you wont find any nasties here


Fortify your construction with only the best products. whether it be protection for your windows, External uv and weatherproofing or a complete airtight membrane. we have it all!


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View the range

Our Mission

Our Mission is to plant a tree for every product purchased via our website. We want to give something back to the world in-which we live and provide a greener planet for future generations.
Adam White

Product Benefit

1 %

Than traditional tapes and membranes

1 %
Airtightness guarenteed

Passive Purple will achieve 0.6ach or under

1 %

All products are guaranteed to deliver. 


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Residential Projects

We support small developers and work with them to chose the right product and training they need 

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Commercial uses

We provide consultations and architectural details for any project 

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SIPS/Timber Frame Projects

Guaranteed 0.6 ach on any form of construction 

Other uses

Window Jambs

Passive Purple Brush is perfect for guaranteeing a complete airtight seal around the frames of windows and doors. Saving you money and uncertainty from tapes and other sealants that can easily become unstuck.


Our spray applied window and surface protection offers maximum protection for your windows internally and externally for upto 18 months + with its weatherproof and UV resistant qualities.

Brush application

Passive Purple Brush is perfect for bridging connections, junctions, expansion joints and service penetrations with an airtight product due to its fibre reinforced build up. 


Waterproof Blue External gives you a completely watertight membrane for all your external services, tiles and foundations 

Passive houses

With a guarenteed 0.6ach (air changes per hour) or under easily achievable using Passive Purple and Passive Purple Brush. This product is PERFECT for passivhaus certified or passive standard builds

Waterproofing Internal

Waterproof Blue gives you a completely watertight membrane for all your internal high moisture areas such as washrooms, under shower trays, bathtubs and tiles etc.

Discover More

Head over to our YouTube channel so you don’t miss a thing! including videos on how to apply and demo vids, this is the place to go for a visual on any of your questions. 

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